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Descending from a long line of famous storytellers, I’ve woven my genetics with a keen sense of observation and inspiration to tell the tale. 

I enjoy figuring out how things work (as a degreed engineer), and appreciate how things often come together in strange and unpredictable ways, just like this story.

About the author


About the book

J.S. Silverstein

​​The story of Sara n’ Dippity was hatched in a most serendipitous manner.

One evening, as I was trying to lure my young nephews to sleep, I decided to ad lib a bedtime story. I started by telling the story of lonely girl, Sara, who could not quite fall asleep (like my restless nephews), and crafted a ‘flight-like’ scenario to lift the kids into a dream-like space. Then I introduced a parallel universe inhabited by a duck named Dippity, inspired by a duck I saw at a park, who was constantly dipping its head beneath the water. Though my nephews were off to dreamland, they wanted to find out what happened. It wasn’t until I was deep into the story of how the two characters met, that I realized their names meshed like, well, erendipity.